Characteristic and structure

The structure of the coating is a key element in determining the quality of any PVC floor covering. The thickness of this coating, which is layered over the printed surface, is also very important and varies from 0.15 mm to 0.7 mm. A general rule is that higher quality and more expensive floor coverings have a thicker protective coating, which determines also the following properties of floor coverings: 

  • simple cleaning,
  • resistance to wear,
  • resistance to stains.

  • Structure: Commercial heterogeneous flooring
    Structure: Commercial heterogeneous flooring
  • Structure: Semi-commercial flooring and residential flooring
    Structure: Semi-commercial flooring and residential flooring
Ease of cleaning is not determined by the frequency of cleaning but by the ease of cleaning. The resistance to abrasion is defined by the resistance of the floor covering against the destruction of the protective layer. Abrasion is the highest on places of high traffic or for example in the kitchen around the kitchen chairs. Similarly, the loss of lustre in floor coverings is also linked to abrasion with the cause being hundreds of small cuts on the surface of the protective layer. The appearance of the floor covering may change also due to dirt stains. When we speak about the dirt we have chemicals in mind, that can be found in a kitchen or around the house. As PVC itself is a product of made of oil certain chemicals - solvents can damage it unless additional protection is integrated into the surface layer.
Over the past ten years the quality of protective coatings has considerably improved. The new achievements in chemistry have been used also in PVC coatings, resulting in polyurethane or acrylic additional protection becoming predominant, found in top quality and the most expensive PVC foam-backed - elastic floor coverings. This ensures good stain resistance of the floor covering, facilitates its cleaning and considerably improves its resistance to certain solvents. 

Floor coverings with the EXTRA PU GUARD designation are a typical example of the Juteks additional surface protection with PU coatings, featuring an extreme ease of cleaning and improved stain resistance.

The CHIPS collection features specific mechanically embossed surface, assuring extreme resistance and durability, along with attractive shinning appearance.

NEW in 2013

Juteks TEXTILE BACKING (collections NATURE and BALANCE) bridges subfloor irregularities to ensure the surface remains smooth throughout its life. Soft, absorbent backing reduces noise and insulates against cold,bringing quiet, warmth and underfoot comfort to your home...