Product range

Juteks is a company with a long tradition in the production of PVC foam-backed floor coverings. Juteks floor coverings are made of high-quality raw materials in accordance with the most advanced technology.

To make your decision less difficult a wide range of quality floor coverings is available with their thickness varying from 1,3 mm to 4,0 mm, in 16 different products - collections in 2013.Upon your previous order we can make floor coverings for you of any width between 2m and 4m.

Each line is available in a variety of patterns. The patterns, carefully selected and worked down to the smallest detail, are romantic, traditional, fashionable or extravagant and designed to meet the most diverse personal tastes, in plenty of different colours, so that you can surely find one that suits you.

The widths of the floor coverings within the Juteks standard 16 collections product range are 2m, 2,5m, 3m, 3,5m and 4m. 

Why Juteks vinyl flooring?

- Juteks floor coverings are easy to place as with some skill you can install them on your own

- Cleaning and care require no special attention

- Juteks floor coverings have a long life- 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10-year guarantee on all our floor coverings

- Juteks floor coverings ensure comfortable walking, are cushioned and provide a pleasant and cosy feeling in any room