If you are looking for a seamless floor covering with a beautiful pattern, that can be placed in any area of your home, our 2-4 meters wide cushioned vinyl roll is the perfect choice.

Find your inspiration

Choose a floor covering that will cover your lounge in one piece, without unnecessary seams and joints. In Juteks we produce floor coverings up to 4 meters wide and in our store you will also find 5 meters wide cushioned vinyl rolls coming from our sister company in Belgium.

If you wish to create the atmosphere and warmth of natural materials in your living environment you will choose any of the many imitations of wood and stone.

Are you more daring and wish to spice the place with colours and wild patterns?
Do you want to emphasize the walls or the furniture, and want the floor to be an unseen base of the space?

Our cushioned vinyl rolls require very little maintenance and cleaning. Thanks to the modern protective coating, the floors are at the same time protected against quick wear due to their every-day use and require only occasional cleaning with a damp cloth with the use of standard cleaning products.
Dirty dog dots and muddy boots of children are no longer the cause for a bad mood.

The top layer of floor coverings consist of strong coatings that ensure that the PVC foamed floor coverings are amongst the most durable floor coverings intended for living spaces.

Our floor coverings create a comfortable and warm base for cold winter evenings due to their good conductivity, some of them are an excellent base for underfloor heating.

Regardless of whether you walk in high heels or enjoy a lazy day in slippers- our floor coverings perfectly absorb the sound and are more than 50% quieter than other comparable floor coverings. This makes them especially suitable for use in dwellings and other spaces where sound insulation is desired.

Compared to other related products, our product is friendly to your pocket.

In addition to ensuring the quality of our products, commitment to environmental protection is a key priority and an integral part of the
development strategy of Juteks and Beaulieu International group.

We reduce emissions into the ecosystem, rationally consume energy products, reduce the amount of waste generated and ensure their separate collection and reuse.

Our floor coverings do not contain phthalate softeners, water-based paints are used for printing, even by ensuring its longest possible lifetime, and with simple maintenance during use, we ensure that our final product is as enviromentally friendly as possible.

We have confirmed our commitment to environmental protection by obtainingthe ISO 14001 standard in 2002; we are fully in line with the Reach Regulation, which defines the handling with chemicals at the level of the whole of the European union, we meet the criteria of individual European volatile organic substances legislation-VOC,…

We achieve our goals through constant measurments and control of key factors and appropriate response and adaptation to the resulting situations, education of all employees and setting strict environmental requirements to our suppliers and other business partners.

By aquiring the Environmental Product Declaration (hereinafter:the SPD),we join producers who want to publicly present the use of natural resources, the product descriotion and product-related emissions throughout its life cycle.

Do you need additional reasons to make a decision

For the best choice of floor covering for different types of foundations, intentions uf use and burdening please contact our floor covering dealer.


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