Join our team and become part of Juteks and the B.I.G. family, in it, in more than 14 countries of the world, more than 4.500 people are already fulfilling their goals

  • We fulfill and exceed the expectations of our customers
  • We strive for long-term cooperation
  • We proactively monitor market activities
  • We are distinguished in everything we do
  • We are constantly improving our our products, processes, systems and organization
  • We invest in inovations, technological know-how, and operational efficiency
  • We appreciate the abilities, enthusiasm and diversity of our employees
  • We encourage initiative, affiliation and growth
  • We are proud to work in Juteks and B.I.G.
  • We are a successful, profitable company that grows in a sustainable manner
  • We know how to make use of synergies and optimize the usage of all our resources
  • We create added value for our owners
  • We act in accordance with the highest ethical principles in all areas
  • We lead with honesty and respect
  • We are a reliable business partner and employer
B.I.G po svetu (klikni za povečavo)
B.I.G po svetu (klikni za povečavo)



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